Glass Ceiling Broken

Here is one news item that came out in The New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar edition dated the 9th of August, 2011.  I feel such news must reach each and every individual. Cheers Ladies !

“  A British Naval Officer is all set to become the First Woman in the 500-year history of the Royal Navy to command a front-line warship, a media report said.

Lieutenant Commander Sarah West, 39, will take control of HMS Portland and its mostly male crew of 185. After promotion to a 65000 pounds- a-year Commander, she is ready to take her ship to war anywhere in the world, The Sun reported.

Women have previously commanded only small non-fighting Navy ships, such as fishery protection vessels.

But Naval top brass said, Lt Cdr West had seen off tough competition from male officers to win the role on merit due to her “ leadership, confidence, moral courage, sound judgement and exceptional people skills.”

HMS Portland boasts Harpoon and Sea Wolf missile systems, 4.5 inches guns and Stingray anti-submarine torpedoes. The 5000-ton ship, top speed 30 knots, also carries a helicopter and can engage in “total warfare”.

Lt Cdr West’s appointment marks a historic chapter for the “Senior Service”, which was founded in the reign of Henry VIII.

The Navy first allowed women to go to sea in 1990, and it now has 620 female oficers.Wrens make up 10 percent of an average warship crew.

Unmarried Lt Cdr West, who was raised in Lincolnshire and studied maths at University of Hertfordshire, has captained four minehunters.”

–          news clip ends

Well, Kudos to Lt Cdr West, and Thanks to the Selectors who could recognise and had the fairness to acknowledge her competence, notwithstanding the fact that she is a woman. A heroic feat on part of both sides, when viewed against the centuries-old adverse and unfair perceptions, I repeat perceptions, about the competence of women, especially in these kind of roles !

So, Ladies, Cheer up ! Let us never let HOPE die and continue our struggles for our rightful place in every walk of life!!