I – Life is like eating an Illishi fish

 I am a bigtime fan of  Illishi(Hilsa fish) and my children simply love watching me relish a fried Illishi piece!

 (For those who do not know about this fish, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilsa)

 Ask any Illishi fan – would he/she stop eating it just because of the bones ? No way, I bet!! In fact, many would even assert, come on, it is so very sweet and tasty only because it is so bony! And observe closely how dexteriously they manage to eat the fish, all the way averting any of the fine bones hurting their mouth or worse still, slipping down their throat!!

Being a bigtime fan of Illishi ( and you can call me an avid eater), I know how it becomes possible – i.e. to eat it despite the hundreds of fine bones. Actually, if you sit down to de-bone the flesh that you are going to eat ( (i.e. segregate flesh portion from the bones), it is next to impossible. So what you do is : take a small bite straight into mouth, start chewing carefully ( almost like a cat) constantly feeling the bones as you chew and keep taking out the bones with your tongue/fingers, as you enjoy the fish!!

Well, quite some skill !!  Not many people can do it with ease; but I can. I can because I love it way too much. I relish it so much that you would not find even a small scrap of flesh portion in my left overs, which would comprise only the chewed/segregated bones and the chewed & crushed middle bone ( Yes !!  that too so tasty) !!

So the point is : Life is like eating an Ilisi fish  – so very tasty, but full of bones ! Life is also very beautiful and enjoyable- but full of hardships(bones), which can not be segregated from life. One needs to actually eat a mouthful, taste hardships, and keep on throwing them out skillfully without allowing these hardships to hurt you deep down.  And yes, the most significant thing is: you must love life for that!

If you can relish Illishi fish, why not learn to enjoy life even with its million stings ?

II -Be like a garlic clove

What’s the use of a garlic clove, safe in its skin within a garlic bulb joined with some more of the same? Ever noticed how a garlic clove gives out its best aroma only when finally crushed and fried in hot oil ? I feel at times, I am like these cloves- you skin me, crush me and chop me rough; do not stop at that, saute me in hot oil and I give out my best flavour !!

Life’s trials and tribulations only make your best to come out! Let’s be like garlic – welcoming to be skinned,chopped/crushed and fried, so that we give out our best!

III – Be the Master Chef ! Create the Infinite from the finite!!

Day in and day out, for years together, we have been eating 3 to 4 times a day– so many different dishes, so many different cuisines! Ever paused to ponder : how a finite number of ingredients are combined in infinite number of ways to lay out those spreads????? I am sure, there exists none on this earth, who can claim to be knowing the entire range of foods that are/will be eaten across the world.

I think, everyone should have a shot at cooking !  The basket of ingredients are the same for all. What matters is : out of those ingredients, what all you pick up and in what ways you are going to combine them to make your recipes interesting and unique!!

Same with our lives in this world. More or less, the human emotions, the conditionings, the playing fields …. that each of us gets to choose from are similar at some level or other. But what one chooses eventually makes all the difference! Life is always what we make it – what we choose for ourselves : positivity over negativity, enthusiasm over cynicism, authenticity over duplicity, attitude of quest over fear of failure etc. etc…

Further, a Chef turns a Master Chef only after burning/bungling a few dishes while experimenting with newer ingredients and newer recipes! Experiment (s)he must – with courage and an increasing knack of flavours. So, why bother if you fail a few times?  So-called ‘failures” are always “successes” as you learn from them what does not work and what might be done differently!

Eventually, you have to ‘eat’ yours – you have to live the life yourself that you have created by your choice of ingredients and recipes! So, why not cook something appealing to your own palate and flattering your culinary skills???

Why not be the Master Chef of your own life and spice it up the right way in right combinations?