What a grand and glorious thing it is to rise above one’s own pain and

and gift life to strangers in need !  

Times of India, Mumbai, 15th April, 2012 covered the following incident that really touched me deep inside. These are the moments which reiterate our faith in humanity despite all dark sides; reiterate our faith in the timeless wisdom that even the darkest cloud has a silver lining: we just need the willingness and eye to look beyond!


Hats off to the family who transcending their own grief of untimely losing their daughter –all of 19 only – decided to donate her organs to save 3 lifes!! Hats off to the team of attending doctors who used their knowledge and position to educate and counsel the family about organ donation of a brain-dead relative at the right time. Mourning her death alone would not have brought them back their daughter; but as the family rightly observed, they can now see their daughter living in three other individuals!!

Newsclip follows:

2nd girl dies in Juhu drunk driving case, but gifts life to 3

MUMBAI: On Friday night, a 19-year-old girl received a much-needed kidney. That very night, before Zinabia Shroff underwent the life-saving operation, a grieving family said its final goodbye to its daughter,Nimisha Mane, also 19 years old. Nimisha was one of the victims in the Juhu drunk-driving accident that took place on March 31. She was declared brain dead on Friday, but saved the lives of three patients by donating her kidneys and liver.

Nimisha was in the Hyundai Getz with four friends when an allegedly inebriated driver, Rahul Mishra (23), lost control of the car on Juhu Tara Road, rammed into a tree, hit a divider and finally a stationary autorickshaw.

For nearly 15 days after the accident, which had already claimed the life of Shivani Rawat (18), Nimisha was comatose and critical. She had suffered multiple head injuries and was first taken to Cooper Hospital, then admitted to Bhabha Hospital and finally transferred to Nanavati Hospital days ago, the teenager’s condition began deteriorating, but over the last three days things took a turn for the worse.

“We could see that her brain had suffered significant damage, which was irreversible,” said Dr Harshad Parekh, neurosurgeon at Nanavati Hospital. When doctors realized that it was impossible to save Nimisha, they explained to her family that they could opt for organ donation. “She was alive only because she was on the life support system. She was not going to survive. So we explained to her father that they could save three other lives instead,” said Dr Parekh.

It was the most painful decision her family had to take. It took a while for Nimisha’s father to come to terms with the situation. “When we told him that his daughter was not going to survive, he broke down. But when we and our social workers counselled him about organ donation, he gracefully accepted it,” said Dr Ashok Hatolkar, medical superintendent at Nanavati.

On Friday night, Nimisha’s kidneys and liver were removed and duly transplanted in patients on the waiting list. One of the recipients was Shroff. “Zinabia has been suffering from kidney disease and has been on dialysis for the last few years. She was first on the list of recipients in our hospital. Nimisha’s other kidney and liver were sent to Jaslok Hospital, where two other lives were saved,” said Dr Hatolkar.

As of Saturday evening, the Manes were still not able to claim their daughter’s body to perform the last rites. After the transplant, the body had to be sent to Cooper Hospital for a post-mortem. “We are still waiting for the police to finish the post-mortem report. We are happy that she is surviving in somebody else’s life,” said Nimisha’s uncle.

– article ends

Hope, this incident inspires us to do something within our control to help those in need of vital organs!