Karela/Kalara Bharta  ( Mashed Bittergourd)
( 2 servings)
Halve 2 karelas length-wise and scoop out seeds. No need to empty the middle if karela is tender; just cut into 2-3 logs.
In pressure cooker, put the karela pieces together with 2-3 tomatoes( roughly chopped), a bit of onion (1/4th to ½ maximum), green chilli ( 1 or to taste), garlic cloves( 2-3), salt and 2-3 tbsp of water ( just enough to cook the stuff). Cook on high flame till one whistle. Switch off and allow to cool. Open and transfer to a plate. Mash everything together. Add a few drops of mustard oil for flavour.
This is perhaps the healthiest, simplest and quite tasty way to have karela with plain rice. Highly beneficial for all-especially for loved ones with diabetes and heart problems.The trick is to have this first with plain rice and then go for the other dishes in the platter.
( Though I make it quite often, I have not clicked it. Next time, I will click and upload a pic here, I promise! Looks good with the red tinge from tomatoes n green tinge from bittergourd!!)