Mansha  Mahura ( Mutton with Mixed Veg in Odia style)
3-4 serves; 300-400gm goat meat
Method 1 
Pressure cook mutton adding water, salt and haldi.  Keep aside.
In a pressure cooker, boil bhaja mooga dali( roasted moong dal) and vegetables         [aloo(potato), saru(colocasia), desi aloo(a kind of yam), papaya, kakharu( pumpkin), mula (raddish), kadali( raw banana), baigan(brinjal), beans/jhudang( long beans), jahni ( ridge gourd), potola( striped gourd), kunduri etc. Or whatever of these are readily available ) adding water or gravy of boiled mutton, salt, haldi, tomato( just a bit), jeera powder, pepper powder and a bit of dalchini powder.
Cool and open lid and place the cooker back on burner. Cook on high flame for a minute or so to adjust consistency.
Heat mustard oil. Splutter jeera( or paanch phutan), red chilli, tejpatta and 1-2 crushed green cardamom – add chopped onion ( chunky pieces). Add boiled mutton and saute for a while. Add this to boiled veg-dal mix (mahura). Put a bit ofsugar, dalchini powder and dhania patta(optional).
Method 2 :
Heat mustard oil. Splutter jeera/paanch phutan n tejpatta – add chopped onion. Fry till onion is brown. Add  tomato, jeera powder, pepper powder, dalchini powder and crushedsmall elaichi, haldi, salt, a dash of sugar and a dash of red chilli powder. Saute adding boiled mutton ( boiled addingly salt & haldi) or          pre-cooked left over mutton curry.  Add the chopped veggies ( aloo, papaya, saru,kakharu, mula, kadali, baigan, beans/jhudang, jahni, potola, kunduri etc.) and saute for some more time.  Add bhaja moong dal, a bit of masoor dal and water.  Transfer this to a pressure cooker and cook on high flame for one whistle. Switch off and cool. After opening cooker’s lid, adjust consistency ( semi-solid) and flavour with some more ofdalchini powder and fresh coriander leaves.
You may add a spoon or two of OGG paste while frying masala powders.(optional)
Note : while personally I prefer using roasted moong dal for these recipes, plain moong dal can also be used without much difference to the taste.s
Method 3 :  Cook the mahura only with meat and vegetables following any of the above two methods, avoiding use of any dal.
In Odia Cuisine, any mixed curry with jeera powder & pepper powder as the main flavours is known as “Mahura” – just as any curry with mustard paste as the main flavour is known as“Besara”.