2-3 serves
( ½ kg good quality goat meat with fat of its own)
I fondly recall, we actually used to call it “Papa’s ” Mutton stew. Anytime, my mother or anyone else( including me ) dared try this, we used to reject saying – no, it does not give that “ papa, papa” flavour !!  I have made it quite a few times – comes out nicely – but not as good as when bapa used to do it. Perhaps, his trick was being subtle with each of the ingredients – I tend to be a little louder.
A confession !  Although no oil is used for this recipe, we do require good quality goat meat with fat of its own.  Yeah, it would be like soup only – so may not look too great to many – BUT I and my family just love the aroma and the great taste of the stew. Again, this is certainly a healthy way to take red meat.
In the body of a pressure cooker, mix together :  ½ kg  goat meat, 1-2  onion(sliced), ½ inch ginger(crushed), 7 to 8sgarlic cloves (crushed),one small  tomato ( chopped ),whole dhania(1 tsp), whole jeera ( ½ tsp), whole black pepper(about ½ tsp), cinnamon pieces (2), small elaichi ( 3 to 4, pounded lightly), laung (3-4),  whole dry red chilli pieces(1 or 2, de-seeded and halved), 1 bay leaf, sprinkles of dhania powderjeera  powder & red chilli powder, ½ tsp dalchini powder, a dash of haldi , salt, sugar(1/2 tsp) and enough water for soupy gravy( 2 cups or a bit more).
Close lid and cook on high flame for 1 whistle. Then bring gas to sim and cook for about 25-30 minutes. Leave to cool normally. Serve piping hot as a soup or with rice /roti /puri.