Chop fresh vegetables like raw papaya, aloo( potato), kadali( kachha kela/raw banana), kakharu( kaddu/pumpkin), mula(   muli/raddish), saru( arbi/colocassia), beans, potola ( padwal/striped gourd), jahni(turia/ridgegourd), baigana(baingan/ brinjal), Phulkobi( gobi/cauliflower), simba ( sim) etc. – any fresh veggie available – except karela, bhindi, capsicum. Keep the dices a little thick and big.

Pressure cook vegetables adding a little water( not much), salt, haldi and tomato.  Do not overboil. Usually, one whistle on high flame suffices. Switch off and rest for 1-2 mins and cool under running tap. Open and put back the cooker, without the lid, on burner. Add 2-3 tablespoons ( for 2-3 moderate servings ) of a  paste of mustard seeds, fennel seeds( saunf ) and black pepper.  Let it boil on high flame, so that excess water also gets evaporated, as the veggies get a little blended amongst themselves.  Switch off.

Heat pure ghee. Fry badi or nadi and add it to the boiled veg.  Then again heat a bit of ghee and splutter mustard seeds ( and whole red chilli- optional). Add the seasoning to curry. Put grated coconut and a bit of sugar.  Mix well and serve hot.