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Have you ever wondered, what is it that makes life so livable, so interesting, so amazing…. notwithstanding those poignant moments, those dark phases of sufferings that we all wish were never there??

I keep wondering at times.
And the answer that comes to me, from within, is: it is learning and sharing! Our ability to do these two things makes life what it is for each of us individually. It is only when we fail to learn or fail to share that we die in essence and life ceases to be lively!

Hey… I am Snigdha Mohanty. I voluntarily retired from service after serving the biggest Public Sector bank of my country for more than 25 years … My only mission in life now is to LEARN and SHARE and spread WELLNESS as much as I can !! Long years of service as a management functionary in a public sector organisation in service industry has given me rare opportunities to move across places, relate to large number of people from diverse backgrounds, work in teams and lead teams to convert constraints into opportunities, and above all, to learn the lessons of personal development and leadership insights hands-on!! I am eager to share whatever I have learnt or learning!

Besides, as a wife and mother, I always had the passionate desire of “reaching my family’s heart through their stomach” and this desire coupled with stringent time constraints natural to a serving professional, has made me truly innovative with my culinary skills. I am still an avid experimenter of new recipes for tasty, simple and healthy food from all accessible sources! I also firmly believe that a healthy body facilitates a healthy mind and overall wellness of a person. So, I would also like to share on this website the amazingly simple yet delicious recipes that I have learnt.

And of course, I am on the other side of fifty now. Seen life for such a long time, and somehow, mine has been very eventful. Feel like sharing some of my experiences.

Or, let us just put it this way… I would just like to tell my stories!! It is up to you to decide, if you really found any take-back or not.

I have been learning from all – I want to give away the similar way. Even if one soul benefits from what I am sharing, I will feel that I breathed here for a purpose and thank God for that!! So far as my own journey is concerned, I am learning and growing each moment … and I know, it will continue till my last breath as I try doing the things that I truly want to do, even though I might fail grandly in many of them.. :D!!

Hope, you enjoy your visit to my site. Your feedback for improvement would be most welcome and appreciated.

I am deeply indebted to my daughter for having designed this site for me – understanding my needs and patiently handling my urges typical of a demanding, ignorant client. Love you, dear 🙂 😀

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