Karela Manpasand 

( I do this once in a blue moon – as it consumes a bit more oil .)
( For 2 moderate servings – use 4-5 small to medium tender karela)
Slit karelas in the middle (scoop out the middle portion if big seeds are there); then slice into thin half-rings.
To lessen bitterness, you may put salt and soak karela pieces  for an hour in water. Then squeeze them out.  Otherwise, you may use the freshly cut karela straightaway to retain its nutrition value still better.
Heat oil (Refined veg oil) and deep fry karela chips on medium to high flame till brown. Keep aside. ( IMP TIP : As excess oil in which bitter karela is fried can not be re-used, fry karela chips in very small batches using  as little oil as possible – say, about  2 tbsp oil at one go. It may take more time; but oil consumption will be remarkably low. Check this out !!  )
Remove the excess oil, if any, leaving just a few drops of it in the same pan. Heat it and add onion slices (I-2 small onions), chopped green chilli (1 small) and chopped ginger(a bit). Fry a bit and add the deep fried karela chips, chopped tomato(1 medium), salt, haldi and dhania powder. Mix well and fry for a while. Garnish with  finely chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot.
This is an elaborate bittergourd dish, which tastes nice and much less bitter; and can go as accompanying dish with roti or rice for most.A favourite of most in North India.

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