Simple Moong Dal Khichdi with Cauliflower and Carrots| Simple Kobi-Gajar Khichdi ( Arua, No Onion-Garlic)

2-3 serves

In the body of a pressure cooker, heat pure ghee ( 1 tsp). Splutter jeera( 1 tsp). Add hing( 1/4 tsp), haldi( 1/2 tsp) , salt to taste, chopped cauliflower( 5-6 florets), carrot( 1 medium), moong dal( 3/4 th cup), rice( 1 cup) and water( 3 1/2 – 4 cups). Just give it a stir and close the lid. Cook for one whistle on high flame. Open after 1 minute or so, by cooling under running tap. Finish with some more pure ghee and chopped fresh coriander.

Optional: Red chilli powder may be added while adding turmeric etc.

A super- quick, tasty, wholesome dish!

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