Today, I came across this article, titled “When Retirees Volunteer to Clean Up the Mess” by John M Glionna – in The New Indian Express, Bhubaneswar edition dated the 5th July, 2011 – originally published in Los Angeles Times.

I was so deeply and profoundly touched by the information that it contained that I felt it should reach every person breathing on this planet! Unbelievable! There is something amazing about what a group of retired skilled volunteers are planning to do. I dare not try to describe the spirit behind it in words, as any word may fall short to correctly capture the depth of their sense of accountability, sense of responsibility and above all, their sense of service to humanity!

So, I just decided to reproduce the story verbatim as in the article – the story of Nobuhiro Shiotani and Yashuteru Yamada, both 72-year-old scientists from Japan and their “Skilled Veterans Corps”. Rest is up to you – to understand, to feel, to appreciate , to propagate and to emulate !!

Here it goes:

“  They were two old friends catching up over coffee, retirees swapping stories and gasping at the unfolding nuclear nightmare at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant. But instead of throwing their hands up over the disaster that shook the plant in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, Nobuhiro Shiotani and Yashuteru Yamada, both 72-year-old scientists, decided they could do something to help.

They devised a plan that some have called heroic, others misguided and suicidal.They would enlist a small army of researchers and other skilled workers to come out of retirement to venture inside the radioactive plant and use their expertise to help stabilise its stricken reactors.

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