Bandha Kobi Macchha Chhencheda

( Cabbage with fish) It is a typical Odia dish, which is also prepared using a combination of vegetables, instead of cabbage, in a similar manner and also in various other methods.

I like it very much with only cabbage.  You may add potatoes and peas to cabbage; or use entirely a different combination like potato, pumpkin, brinjal, ridge gourd(jahni), colocassia(saru),raw banana( kadali), desi aloo ( something like yam), beans etc..

Bandha Kobi Macchha Chhencheda( for 2-3 servings)

Finely shred cabbage ( 1/4th of one cabbage) – may also dice finely after shredding length-wise.

Apply haldi and salt to 1-2 pieces of rohu*/ bhakura** fish ( or only the fish head) and fry in mustard oil (1-2 tbsp). As fish pieces are about to be done, break/crush the pieces a bit and fry well till a bit crispy on some portions.Take out and keep  aside.

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