Chungudi  Masoor Dalma :

( a common Odia way of mixing up dals, vegetables and prawns for flavour)

( For 3-4 servings)

Apply haldi and salt to cleaned prawns ( regular medium sized; about 300-500gm; retain heads) and fry in 1-2 tbsp mustard oil. Keep aside.

Cut vegetables into small cubes – potato(1), brinjal(1 small), pumpkin(a bit) and jahni (2 ). You may add other green veggies like potola, bean, kunduri or jhudanga etc.– avoid watery or slimy veggies ( like bhindi).

Pressure cook masoor dal ( 3/4 cup) and a bit of roasted moog dal*( 2-3 tbsp), adding water, salt, haldi( a little) and vegetables ( no tomato at this stage). DO NOT OVERBOIL ( just cook for one whistle( about 5 mins in pressure cooker) and after a min or two,cool under running tap. Open the lid. Both masoor and mooga cook very fast and it is ideal to keep them just cooked and split. Overboiling makes it slimy.)

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